Hello and welcome !


My name is Jeroen Keereweer.


I am proud to present a selection of my creative outbursts of the past years. Most of the drawings and paintings are somewhat older: from 2000 / 2001.


To see my work, please switch back to the Dutch version of this website. Exto is great but they expect me to change information on all of my works and groups to english in order for you te see them ALSO on the English version of the site.


I was born in Hoorn, Holland and I currently live in Leiden. I have studied Pedagogy (the study of childraising and education). In september 2004 I graduated and became 'Master of Arts'. For years i had a part-time job working with children.

The arts have fascinated me all my life. During my study I have been quite active on the field of music, drawing, painting, photography and film. I have held several solo-exhibitions and participated in several group-exhibitions and I have sold several works of art.  

You can also find links to other creativity on this website.

I always find it very interesting and instructive to receive feedback on my work, so please don't hessitate and tell me how you feel!

By moving the mouse over the images in the folders, you can get a closer view (detail)! Unless your computer doesn't support this function.



Email: keereweer@hotmail.com